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Wymowa: AW ER S EH L V Z


(osobi?cie), my sami, sami, samych siebie

Grupy znaczeniowe


Come on, stir yourselves, or you'll be late!Dalej, rusz si?, albo si? spo?nimy!
I am merely trying to analyse the situation in which we find ourselves..
I thought for once in our lives let's treat ourselves really well and hang the cost..
It looked scruffy, but we had done it ourselves, and the once-neglected houses felt like homes..
Let's not get ahead of ourselves.Nie ?pieszmy si? zbytnio.
The castle was closed, so we contented ourselves with a walk round the park.Zamek by? zamkni?ty wi?c zadowolili?my si? spacerem po parku.
The children and ourselves would like to thank you.Dzieci i my chcieliby?my wam podzi?kowa?.
There I was writhing in agony on the floor and you lot were pissing yourselves laughing!.
We can make a new life for ourselves — not just new homes and new farms. But a new life!.
We enjoyed ourselves enormously.Bawili?my si? doskonale.
We got ourselves togged up in walking gear for the hike..
We have to see ourselves as others see us.Musimy spojrze? na siebie obiektywnie.
We should remember those less fortunate than ourselves.Powinni?my pami?ta? o tych, którym si? gorzej powodzi ni? nam.
We spent the weekend gadding about London and generally enjoying ourselves.Weekend sp?dzili?my szw?daj?c si? po Londynie i przewa?nie przyjemnie sp?dzaj?c czas.
We were killing ourselves laughing.Umierali?my ze ?miechu.
We'd better wait and see which way the cat jumps before we commit ourselves..
We've been taught to treat women like angels. What if they're more female animal than lady? Than we men are bound to be less successful. Only the man with the right key can open the safe. I often wonder if our worship doesn't go too far if we don't take them too seriously. More seriously than ourselves. I don't say there're no exceptions, but who knows if it's not closer to the universal norm..
You'll have to shift yourselves to another room.B?dziecie si? musieli przenie?? do innego pokoju.


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