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Although the concept of producing sound by allowing the tongue to oscillate freely was discovered early on, the invention of the mouth organ was still a long way off.Pomimo tego, że sposób wytwarzania dźwięku przez unoszące się swobodnie języczki został wynaleziony wcześnie, droga do harmonijki ustnej była jeszcze daleka.
As we kissed deeply, her tongue licked the roof of my mouth, and we kissed and nibbled as I finger-fucked her tight little pussy..
Barbara's cunt went into spasm as soon as her tongue touched my mother's clit..
Before having her pussy plowed, she has her cunt thoroughly tongue fucked as she slobbers on me..
Her moans were now frequent and intense, I could hear the dogs tongue lapping at her pussy lips..
Her tongue is too quick and she gives herself airs..
Her tongue runs like the clappers.Ona bez przerwy miele językiem.
I cannot get my tongue round this.Nie mogę tego wymówić.
I knew our little Natalie would love a nice tongue eating out her pussy..
I lapped at her pussy one more time and then rimmed her tight back hole with my tongue..
I latched onto her cunt, darted my tongue into her fuck hole and then began sucking her cunt..
I really wonder why some people tend to speak with a forked tongue this is not how the game should be played..
I thought I was going to get a tongue-lashing.Myślałem, że dostanę opieprz.
I would like to finger-fuck both your pussy and your tight ass. I would use lubrication for your ass and my tongue..
Long streaming ropes of thick cum rested on Kristi's tongue..
Natalie laid back, her legs spread wide, the only sound in the room was her heavy breathing and the sound of the tongue lapping at her pussy..
Podnzilowicz is a name that doesn't roll off the tongue..
She minds her tongue.Liczy się ze słowami.
She's been cumming nonstop on my tongue for the last twenty minutes..
The band is called 'Acquired Echoes'. It doesn't exactly trip off the tongue, does it?.



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