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Słówko: XML


Wymowa: R IY S AH N T


najnowszy, niedawny, nowy, ostatni, ?wie?ej daty, ?wie?y

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Grupy znaczeniowe

Przymiotnik recent ma następujące znaczenia:

  1. recent - ( near to or not long before the present )
  2. recent - ( being new in a time not long past )
    najnowszy, nowy, ostatni
  3. late, recent - ( of the immediate past or just previous to the present time )


20th Century Fox recently cleaned up with the rerelease of the 'Star Wars'.20th Century Fox nabi?o ostatnio kabz? na wznowieniu 'Gwiezdnych Wojen'.
A lot of new hotels have sprung up along the coast recently.Wiele nowych hoteli wyras?o niedawno jak grzyby po deszczu wzd?u? wybrze?a.
But as the days wore on, as the protests continued and grew, and as I continued to teach about the recent crisis of global capitalism, I started to get it..
Have you been to see a film recently?Czy widzia?e? ostatnio jaki? film?
He explained to me that even as recently as the last centry, the rules of the English language hadn't been set in stone..
He has been skating on thin ice recently with regard to his job. He is causing many problems and may be fired..
He's been under a lot of strain recently.Ostatnio ?yje w ci?g?ym stresie.
He's had a really rough time recently.Ostatnio prze?ywa cie?kie chwile.
His recent comments savour of hypocrisy..
His recent illness has knocked all the stuffing out of him.Jego niedawna choroba ca?kowicie go os?abi?a.
House prices have plummeted in recent months.Ceny domów gwa?townie zni?kowa?y w ostatrnich miesiacach.
I have recently finalised tests to minimise road hump jolting..
I have seen fewer of them recently.Ostatnio widuj? ich mniej.
I recently introduced myself to my neighbors up the street, and it turns out that there are actually a few milfs that live near me..
I recently met a guy who happened to have rooftop access in the building he works in and one night he took me up to the roof so we could take in the view..
I recently returned from a trip to Europe where I got to see the sights in Paris and London.Niedawno wróci?em z wycieczki do europy gdzie uda?o mi si? zwiedzi? Pary? i Londyn.
I saw her fairly recently.Widzia?em j? ca?kiem niedawno.
I saw them only recently.Dopiero co ich widzia?e.
I'm aware I've been treading on thin ice recently, and I realize the mistakes I've made.
I've gone off fish recently..


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