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Słówko: XML


Wymowa: DH EH M S EH L V Z


(osobiście), ich samych, oni sami, siebie, się, sobie

Grupy znaczeniowe


Companies in the UK are finding it useful to wrap themselves in the British flag..
Her novels do not lend themselves to being filmed.Jej powieści nie nadają się do ekranizacji.
How far they go in the game is down to the individuals themselves, but I would certainly recommend them..
I don't know what it is about John, but women just seem to throw themselves at him..
I get a sense that people are feeling better about themselves..
I'm fed up kicking my heels at home while all my friends are out enjoying themselves.Mam dość czekać bez końca w domu podczas gdy wszyscy moji znajomi dobrze się bawia poza domem.
Lots of people call themselves folk artists but Robert's the genuine article.Niejeden uważa się za artystę ludowego, ale Robert jest nim naprawdę.
Lots of young singers modelled themselves on Madonna..
Many people have to uproot themselves when they change jobs.Wielu ludzi musi przesiedlać się gdy zmienia pracę.
My pet peeve is when people take picture of themselves with their cell phones in front of a mirror and then post it on Facebook.Nie znoszę, kiedy ludzie robią sobie w lustrze zdjęcia telefonami komórkowymi, a później umieszczają je na Facebooku.
Not only will the expect us to do it, but they will come in without having proofread themselves..
People were falling over themselves to buy shares.Ludzie pchali się drzwiami i oknami, żeby kupić akcje.
Play with that clit and soon those flappy cunt lips will swell up and stand forward by themselves..
Problems can manifest themselves in a variety of ways.Problemy mogą objawić się na różne sposoby.
She can do everything and anything you want her to do, from inserting objects to her pussy, finger fucking, to nipple pinching and a lot lot more. She is convinced that her purpose of existence is to help people satisfy themselves..
She is bisexual, having reasoned out to herself that it increases her chances of a date if she wants one and that it was a fallacy in planning for anyone to commit themselves to just one gender..
Take care of the pence and the pounds will take care of themselves.Ziarnko do ziarnka a zbierze się miarka.
The children misbehaved themselves at dinner.Dzieci źle się zachowywały przy obiedzie.
The climbers roped themselves together..
The negroes she passed turned insolent grins at her and laughed among themselves as she hurried by, slipping and sliding in the mud, stopping, panting to replace her slippers..



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