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make sure



sprawdzić, upewniać się

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Grupy znaczeniowe

Czasownik make sure ma następujące znaczenia:

  1. make a point, make sure - ( make a point of doing something )


I must go back and make sure I closed the windows.Muszę wrócić i sprawdzić, czy zamknąłem okno.
Make sure you put your best foot forward for tonight's performance..
Make sure you're home by midnight..
Most people would go to the ends of the earth to make sure their child had the best possible doctor..
The police force is replacing its older patrol cars to make sure they all come up to snuff..
To this end it has put emphasis on deprived regions and rural areas to make sure that all girls have equal opportunity for free education as well as public health services..
We went back to our soon-to-be former house and I cleared a few things out of the basement and garage, checked to make sure that everything we needed was out, jammed a few more things into the back of the U-Haul, gathered keys and as a parting shot to a neighbor who'd taken it upon herself to make the lives of the neighborhood boys difficult by yelling at them for skating in the driveways and stealing balls and other toys that inadvertently landed in her yard, I emptied a litterbox full of urine soaked kitty litter that had been neglected for nearly two days..
When you go down on a girl make sure she is turned on first, and find out what she likes..
When you're at the airport, you should make sure you have your luggage with you at all times..



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