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Słówko: XML


Wymowa: R AH P EH R


naprawiać, reperować

Zobacz również: mend

Grupy znaczeniowe

Rzeczownik repair ma następujące znaczenia:

  1. fix, fixing, fixture, mend, mending, reparation, repair - ( the act of putting something in working order again )
  2. haunt, hangout, resort, stamping ground, repair - ( a frequently visited place )
  3. repair - ( a formal way of referring to the condition of something )
Czasownik repair ma następujące znaczenia:
  1. animate, recreate, reanimate, revive, renovate, quicken, vivify, revivify, repair - ( give new life or energy to )
  2. rectify, remediate, remedy, amend, repair - ( set straight or right )
  3. mend, fix, bushel, doctor, furbish up, restore, touch on, repair - ( restore by replacing a part or putting together what is torn or broken )
  4. resort, repair - ( move, travel, or proceed toward some place )
  5. compensate, recompense, indemnify, repair - ( make amends for )


Either would be difficult to repair.I jedno, i drugie trudno będzie naprawić.
He did a thorough job on the repair work.Naprawił wszystko co trzeba.
He had used the deep red wood to repair his ship decks after the sea had worn down its original construction..
If your system has become inoperative for any reason we will be pleased to investigate and diagnose your problem and quote for repairs..
Part of the road had been coned off for repair work..
Repairing the roof will entail spending a lot of money..
The company will reimburse you for the repairs.Firma zwróci panu koszty naprawy.
The cost of repair will run to $1000.Koszty naprawy mogą sięgać 1000 dolarów.
The roof was badly in need of repair.Dach pilnie wymagał naprawy.
They tried to pull a fast one on me at the car repair shop but I stopped them easily..
We put in for repairs in Port Isabel and really lucked out!Stanęliśmy przy nabrzeżu remontowym w Port Isabel i naprawdę mieliśmy dużo szczęścia!
When it comes to the issue of repairing a blown-off roof, they sit on the fence..
Who's going to foot the bill for all the repairs?.



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