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kłaść, miejsce, plac, położyć, umieszczać, umieścić

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Grupy znaczeniowe

Rzeczownik place ma następujące znaczenia:

  1. position, post, berth, office, spot, billet, situation, place - ( a job in an organization )
  2. stead, position, lieu, place - ( the function or position properly or customarily occupied or served by another )
  3. place - ( an abstract mental location )
  4. space, blank space, place - ( a blank area )
  5. place - ( the passage that is being read )
  6. position, place - ( an item on a list or in a sequence )
  7. property, place - ( any area set aside for a particular purpose )
  8. home, place - ( where you live at a particular time )
  9. plaza, piazza, place - ( a public square with room for pedestrians )
  10. position, place - ( the particular portion of space occupied by a physical object )
  11. place - ( a general vicinity )
  12. seat, place - ( a space reserved for sitting (as in a theater or on a train or airplane) )
  13. topographic point, spot, place - ( a point located with respect to surface features of some region )
  14. shoes, place - ( a particular situation )
  15. station, place - ( proper or designated social situation )
  16. place - ( proper or appropriate position or location )
Czasownik place ma następujące znaczenia:
  1. identify, place - ( recognize as being )
  2. rate, rank, range, order, grade, place - ( assign a rank or rating to )
  3. come in, come out, place - ( take a place in a competition )
  4. put, set, place - ( estimate )
  5. place - ( to arrange for )
  6. place - ( sing a note with the correct pitch )
  7. place - ( finish second or better in a horse or dog race )
  8. station, post, base, send, place - ( assign to a station )
  9. target, aim, direct, point, place - ( intend (something) to move towards a certain goal )
  10. put, set, pose, position, lay, place - ( put into a certain place or abstract location )
    kłaść, położyć, umieszczać, umieścić
  11. set, localize, localise, place - ( locate )
  12. invest, put, commit, place - ( make an investment )
  13. locate, site, place - ( assign a location to )
  14. place - ( place somebody in a particular situation or location )
  15. place - ( assign to (a job or a home) )
  16. localize, localise, place - ( identify the location or place of )


A lot has been written about the reasons why some places are visited and not others..
After two hours, it all fell into place.Po dwóch godzinach wszystko się wyjaśniło.
As she brushed her hair, her curls sprang back into place..
Assuming that you get a place at university, how are you going to finance your studies?.
Blood was spurting out all over the place..
Built in the 19th century, this grandiose palace is an ideal place for an unforgettable stay in Portugal's capital.Ten okazały pałac, wybudowany w XIX wieku, jest idealny miejsce na niezapomniany pobyt w stolicy Portugalii.
By 5 o'clock I'll have washed this car and replaced the tyres.Do piątej godziny umyję to auto i wymienię opony.
Can I crash at your place?Mogę u ciebie przenocować?
Can I doss down at your place?Mogę się u ciebie przekimać?
Can you come to my place after work?Możesz wpaść do mnie po pracy?
Claudia’s placement of her drugs in her sock drawer was not as furtive as she thought, as the sock drawer is the first place most parents look.Położenie narkotyków Klaudii w jej komodzie nie było takie sprytne/tajemne jak myślała, jako, że komoda była pierwszym miejscem, do którego zajrzeli rodzice.
Do I need to be making her a cocoa at bedtime or slammin her up against the wall and givin her a knee trembler the moment I get back to her place for corfee?.
elevation of a placewysokość nad poziomem morza
Finally a place to get it off your chest..
For westerners, the Sahara is a forbidding place where explorers and adventurers test their mettle..
Fuck this whole city and everyone in it. From the row houses of Astoria to the penthouses on Park Avenue. From the projects in the Bronx to the lofts in Soho. From the tenements in Alphabet City to the brownstones in Park slope to the split levels in Staten Island. Let an earthquake crumble it. Let the fires rage. Let it burn to fuckin ash then let the waters rise and submerge this whole, rat-infested place..
Get an eyeful of that! I bet you've never seen so much money in one place before.Popatrz tylko na to! Założe się, że jeszcze nigdy wcześniej nie widziałem tyle forsy.
He always wants to go places with us.Wszędzie by z nami chodził.
He simply walked in as if he owned the place.Wparował, jakby to wszystko do niego należało.
He stopped by at Adam's place.Wstąpił do Adama.



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