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Among other things, there has been a lively debate during the past five years, between those who have been proving that most of the symptoms of post-concussion syndrome also follow general orthopedic injury, and those who have been proving that cognitive symptoms (especially attention and executive functioning) distinguish brain injuries from orthopedic injuries..
Are you likely to visit her during your stay?Czy odwiedzisz j? podczas pobytu?
Do you feel nervous during exams?.
Do you get nervous during exams?.
During anal intercourse, she shat all over the sheets..
During his election campaign, he promised the earth.Podczas kampanii wyborczej obiecali zlote góry.
During some wacky brawl, Diana's towel gets ripped off and we get an eyeful of her boobs, butt and quick bushish..
During the emergency many staff volunteered to work through the weekend..
During the film one of the projectors broke down.Podczas seansu zepsu? si? jeden z projektorów.
During the holidays we went swimming every day.Podczas wakacji ka?dego dnia chodzli?my p?ywa?.
During the siege they were holed up in a hotel room.Podczas obl??enia zaszyli si? w pokoju hotelowym.
During the storm everything on deck had to be lashed down.Podczas sztormu wszystko na pok?adzie musia?o by? przywi?zane.
For that reason repaglinide should be avoided during pregnancy and should not be used in lactating women.Stosowanie preparatu u kobiet w ci??y i karmi?cych piersi? jest zatem przeciwwskazane.
Grandpa was taken ill during the night.Dziadek w nocy zachorowa?.
He fell asleep during the train journey.Zasno? podczas podró?y kolej?.
High winds caused many trees to fall during the night.Silne wiatry powali?y w ci?gu nocy wiele drzew.
His encouragement buoyed her up during that difficult period..
How can I minimize bloating during menstrual cycle?.
How much money was embezzled by Suharto during his reign?.
I fell asleep during the party.Zasno?em w trakcie przyj?cia.


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