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Wymowa: S EH V R AH L


indywidualny, ka?dy, kilka, kilkoro, kilku, osobisty, osobny, poszczególny

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Grupy znaczeniowe

Przymiotnik several ma następujące znaczenia:

  1. respective, various, several - ( considered individually )
  2. several - ( distinct and individual )
  3. several - ( (used with count nouns) of an indefinite number more than 2 or 3 but not many )
    kilka, kilkoro, kilku


Although several members were missing, the meeting went ahead without them.Pomimo, ?e kilku cz?onktów si? spó?nia?o, spotkanie odby?o si? bez nich.
As the company's financial problems worsened, several directors resigned.Kiedy poroblemy finansowe firmy nasili?y si?, kilku cz?onków zarz?du ust?pi?o.
David had run off several copies for himself and friends.David zrobi? kilka kopii dla siebie i znajomych.
He helped us get past several extremely dangerous roadblocks.Pomóg? nam przej?? przez kilka nadzwyczaj pilnie strze?onych blokad.
He made several off-the-cuff remarks which he later denied.Zrobi? kilka bez namys?u uwag, którym pó?niej zaprzeczy?.
I have been gestating this idea for several years now and I am now coming close to that time to beginning the actual process..
I have skimmed through several other reality shows but I have never liked reality shows. I can honestly say I will be hooked on this one..
I log on to check my email several times a day.Loguj? si? by sprawdzi? swoj? poczt? kilka razy dziennie.
It's been at the back of my mind to call José for several days now, but I haven't got round to it yet..
It's raining here in Eastern Idaho -- has been off-and-on for several days and some has been cloudburst heavy..
Last week's changes vaulted the general to the top, over the heads of several of his seniors..
Most of my photographic projects have been stretching over several years, as with The Vigeland Park project..
Our pipes froze several times last winter..
Our pipes froze up several times last winter..
Several doctors tried to treat the cancer, but it was too far gone.Kilku lekarzy próbowa?o leczy? raka, ale by? on ju? zbyt zaawansowany.
Several hours ago, a guard had given us some food, and my mind's been whirling ever since. Was it poisoned?.
Several hours had gone by..
Several hours had lapsed.Min??o kilka godzin.
Several journalists have been killed or injured by stray bullets while reporting on the civil war..
Several large rocks were sent plummeting down the mountain..


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