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Słówko: XML

threw (throw, threw, thrown)

Wymowa: TH R UW


czas przesz?y czasownika "to throw", II forma throw

Zobacz również: throw

Grupy znaczeniowe


Banksie threw a huge party to usher in the New Year..
He threw down the book and stormed off..
He threw himself into the path of the train.Rzuci? si? pod poci?g.
He tried to cop a feel and she threw him out the door..
I learned when cafes and shops threw out food and could adjust my foraging route according to what I fancied eating..
I took him by the scruff of his neck and threw him out of the hall..
No. No, fuck you, Montgomery Brogan. You had it all and then you threw it away, you dumb fuck!.
She basically threw herself at him - it was quite embarrassing to witness..
She cut off the best meat and threw away the residue..
Sue, of course, threw a hissy when she found out..
The question threw me and I didn't know what to reply..
The weather threw a curve at their barbecue and they had to eat indoors..


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