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Przymiotnik careful ma następujące znaczenia:

  1. careful - ( exercising caution or showing care or attention )
  2. deliberate, measured, careful - ( with care and dignity )
  3. thrifty, careful - ( mindful of the future in spending money )
  4. heedful, careful - ( cautiously attentive )
  5. careful - ( full of cares or anxiety )


A habit that grows on you if you are not careful.Przyzwyczajenie, które staje si? zgubne, je?li si? nie pilnujesz.
A woman is often used but I don't think it properly conveys the right idea of what it means to pleasure a woman by gently and carefully stroking her vulva and clitoris with the fingers and hands..
As an ACA I have to be very careful who I do my recovery with..
Do be carefully when you cross the street.Prosz? ci? na wszystko, b?d? ostro?ny gdy przechodzisz przez ulic?.
I had been driving very carefully. I was thus very surprised when the police stopped me.Jecha?em bardzo ostro?nie. Tak wi?c, bardzo si? zdziwi?em gdy zatrzyma?a mnie policja.
I warned them to be careful.Ostrzega?em ich, ?eby byli ostro?ni.
I wish I had listened more carefully.Szkoda, ?e nie s?ucha?em dok?adniej.
I would have her being careful for sure right now as it is healing..
If the people that elected them think they're doing it so they could go on a junket, they'd have to be careful..
Look carefully at these questions and mark your answers down in the right-hand column..
No matter how careful you are, you never know when you might find yourself in a dangerous situation..
Read carefully the deed and all the enclosuresPrzeczytaj uwa?nie ten akt prawny i wszystkie jego za??czniki
She's desperate! Be careful, if she gets her claws into you you're done for!.
The government know they have to tread carefully on this issue..
The GP examined the patient very carefully.Lekarz bardzo dok?adnie zbada? pacjenta.
The workmen set the box down carefully on the floor..
There is a growing realization that we must manage the earth's resources more carefully..
This book repays careful reading.Warto dok?adnie przeczyta? t? ksi??k?.
This plan merits careful attention..
We watched carefully as she did it.Przygl?dali?my si? uwa?nie, jak ona to robi.


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