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Wymowa: R IY L IH S T


Grupy znaczeniowe

Rzeczownik realist ma następujące znaczenia:

  1. realist - ( a philosopher who believes that universals are real and exist independently of anyone thinking of them )
  2. realist - ( a painter who represents the world realistically and not in an idealized or romantic style )
  3. realist - ( a person who accepts the world as it literally is and deals with it accordingly )


I knew she was being unrealistic about her options, but I didn't want to drag her back to reality when her feelings were so raw..
It is unrealistic to expect changes to be made overnight.Oczekiwanie, ?e zmiany dokonaj? si? z dnia na dzie?, ?wiadczy o braku realizmu.
We used to argue because she felt like she wasn't getting any help and I thought she was being unrealistic about how clean the house should be all the time..
We were being unrealistic about our time and our expectations..
You're being unrealistic.Nie patrzysz realistycznie.


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