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shoot (shoot, shot, shot)

Wymowa: SH UW T


bogata żyła rudonośna, bystrze, filmować, kiełek, kręcić, nakręcić, pęd, polowanie, sfilmować, strzelać, teren łowiecki, wystrzelić, wystrzeliwać, zdjęcia

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Grupy znaczeniowe

Rzeczownik shoot ma następujące znaczenia:

  1. shoot - ( the act of shooting at targets )
  2. shoot - ( a new branch )
    kiełek, pęd
Czasownik shoot ma następujące znaczenia:
  1. inject, shoot - ( give an injection to )
  2. spud, germinate, pullulate, bourgeon, burgeon forth, sprout, shoot - ( produce buds, branches, or germinate )
  3. shoot - ( measure the altitude of by using a sextant )
  4. shoot - ( utter fast and forcefully )
  5. film, take, shoot - ( make a film or photograph of something )
  6. photograph, snap, shoot - ( record on photographic film )
    filmować, kręcić, nakręcić, sfilmować
  7. shoot - ( score )
  8. shoot - ( fire a shot )
  9. hit, pip, shoot - ( hit with a missile from a weapon )
  10. fritter, frivol away, dissipate, fritter away, fool, fool away, shoot - ( spend frivolously and unwisely )
  11. shoot - ( throw dice, as in a crap game )
  12. shoot - ( variegate by interweaving weft threads of different colors )
  13. inject, shoot - ( force or drive (a fluid or gas) into by piercing )
  14. shoot - ( throw or propel in a specific direction or towards a specific objective )
  15. tear, shoot down, charge, buck, shoot - ( move quickly and violently )
  16. dart, dash, scoot, scud, flash, shoot - ( run or move very quickly or hastily )
  17. shoot - ( send forth suddenly, intensely, swiftly )
  18. shoot - ( cause a sharp and sudden pain in )
  19. pip, shoot - ( kill by firing a missile )
  20. shoot - ( emit (as light, flame, or fumes) suddenly and forcefully )


'Come down or we'll shoot!' cried the mate.'Zejdź na dół, albo będziemy strzelać!' krzyknął marynarz.
According to the police, the shooting occurred at about 12.30 a.m..
At the command 'shoot', fire at the enemy!Na komendę "ognia", strzelać do wroga!
I finally suck her nipples and her breathing and whimpering tells me she likes what we're doing. I shoot my wad in her. She puts her panties back in the proper position and walks off..
I'd probably shoot my load pretty quick but all that means is I get to butt-fuck her again..
I'm just going to shoot off down to the store.Tylko skoczę do sklepu.
In July the temperature shoots up to 35 degrees.W lipcu temperatura podskakuje do 35 stopni.
It's just like Richard to go shooting his mouth off about other people's affairs..
She pleaded with me to shoot my load in her hole, and I came with a great force that emptied my balls..
The protest degenerated into an orgy of looting and shooting..
The shooting of the film was carried out in Italy.Film kręcono we Włoszech.



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